The competition for visibility and customer attention has never been more intense than it is today. Businesses use every trick in the book to increase their visibility and put their brand message in front of their audience. A brand without a reputable online presence will fizzle out and lose its business to those who have one.

Despite the fierce competition for visibility, you can establish an online presence and put your brand’s message in front of your audience through a strategic digital PR campaign. By combining the elements of SEO, content marketing, social media, and influencer marketing, an effective digital PR campaign puts your brand message where your customers engage the most with your business.

When executed correctly, a digital PR campaign helps your brand develop customers’ trust and sentiment. It establishes you as an authority in your field and, more importantly, increases your brand’s profitability.

To extend the reach of your digital PR campaign, use these five clever techniques:

Use data to drive your campaign

An effective digital PR campaign is data-driven. A digital PR campaign isn’t just about media exposure and generating backlinks. While they’re crucial, they’ll be ineffective if your campaign isn’t driven by data.

Some important data insights that must drive your campaign include identifying your audience, understanding their news search intent and determining where they find their news. These insights help you create content that resonates with your customers — addressing their search intent and pain points. You can also publish your brand story in relevant platforms and outlets that your customers engage with the most.

Also, use data to identify stories that journalists would like to publish. Your digital PR campaign becomes more effective and gains wider reach if you’re pitching stories that journalists find interesting.

Data isn’t only important at the start of your campaign. You must consistently analyze data to measure the performance of your campaign and identify areas for improvement.

Create thought leadership content and expert opinion

A digital PR campaign is about putting your best foot forward. One way to do this is by creating thought leadership content and expert opinion pieces in your niche and pushing them to be published on platforms where your audience can see them.

Thought leadership and expert opinion pieces establish you as an authority in your niche, thereby building trust. They also make your brand’s stories relevant, not only to your audience but to the outlets you’re pitching to.

Engage in reactive PR

Reactive PR involves reacting to industry trends, news and events where you can give your opinion, advice and insights. Reactive PR helps you generate backlinks from news outlets and keeps you in the face of your customers.

Collaborate with influencers

Another technique that can help extend the reach of your digital PR campaign is collaborating with influencers in your niche who have a large social media following.

You can leverage the large following of industry influencers to extend your PR reach through sponsored posts on their platforms, guest blogging or jointly hosting events.

Amplify your PR efforts on social media

Social media has transformed public relations, and when used right, it can help extend the reach of your digital PR campaign. With about [4.9 billion]( 2023%2C an estimated 4.9,record 4.9 billion people globally.) people using social media across the world, its reach is vast. Hence, it is expedient that you include it in your digital PR strategy.